Fall/Family Sensory Table

Materials Needed:

  • Variety of Fall items such as fall leaves, pumpkin real&fake, scarecrow est.
  • Rice
  • Variety of Food coloring
  • Variety of family people, houses, cars, dogs, cats, est.


Again this works well if you have a two-sided sensory table but if you don’t split the item for two different weeks. The first side is just a variety of different fall items for children to explore and discuss. Items may include fall leaves, pumpkins real & fake, scarecrows, and anything else you may want to include.
Children love this activity because they get to utilize their sense of touch to explore fall items as well as their sense of sight to take in all the bright fall colors.

The second part is the family sensory table. You first have to use food coloring to color rice in different shades. After they are dried combine them all together to make a rainbow of colors. You can then include all kinds of different objects to represent the family. Children will enjoy exploring the color and texture of the rice as well as seaching for all the different family members and naming them.

Fall Family Sensory Table