Pizza Shop

Materials Needed:

  • Variety of pizza items such as pizza boxes, chef apron, fake pizza, & real and found pizza boxes (these will be put on a shelf)
  • Construction paper (this will be used to make the sign)
  • Contact paper (used to cover sign and contact pizza pictures on a shelf)
  • Newspaper (this will be used to staff boxes for longer use)
  • Tape (this will be used to seal pizza boxes)
  • Printed pizza symbol from a computer (this will be used to put on the sign)


Utilize a corner in your dramatic play area to extend the children learning. Each week or weekly add an additional learning area to your dramatic play area. Incorporate a shelf that will be switched out. Make a sign to hang over the shelf so that it is clear what it is or put the sign lower on children’s eye level.
Children enjoy these areas because it brings something new to the area while broadening thier creative mind.

Five Senses Pizza
Five Senses Pizza