Under the Sea Diorama

By: Cynthia Gayle

Materials Needed:

  • 1 medium box (this will be the main body of your diorama)
  • Various colors of construction papers (These will be used to make all the sea animals and sea plants)
  • Brown butcher paper (This will be used to cover the outside of the box)
  • Blue paint (This will be used to paint the inside of the box to look like the sea)
  • Plastic sea animals/rocks (These will be put inside on the bottom of the box)
  • Sea Shells (These will go on the outside of the box after you cover it with brown paper)
  • Glue Gun (This will be needed to put everything together)
  • Box Cutter (This will be needed to cut a hole at the top and front of the box)
  • Clear Cellophane Paper (This will be needed to cover the two holes on the box)
Under the Sea