Spring Theme Children Daily Schedule

Materials Needed:

  • 2 White Poster Board- Bend poster board in half horizontally and cut.
  • Masking Tape- Take two of the poster boards in a vertical position and tape them together
  • Different Color Sharpie Markers- Utilize the markers to create a colorful schedule along with drawing/coloring the clock
  • Color Sentence Strips- Utilize the sentence strips as a way to offer contrast to the schedule as well as organization
  • Spring Flower- Utilize these pre-bought decor from the 99 cents store to add beauty to the chart
  • Printer- Print title of Routine
  • Copy Paper- Use any color of your choice while printing
  • Magnets- Purchase magnets. I got mine from the 99 cents store. Glue the magnets
  • Glue Gun- Use the glue gun to glue down the magnet for the moveable spider
  • Plastic Spider- Purchase a plastic spider of your choice to create a movable tool for the classroom schedule chart. Use the hot glue gun to glue a magnet on the back to offer a workable tool for the board.

A daily schedule will help children manage their time as they progress throughout the day. All children need to feel safe in their environment and the best way to do that is by helping children to know and understand what is going to happen throughout their day. Having such a schedule also helps children to become leaders because they will be responsible to manage the schedule throughout the day. This schedule would be part of their daily jobs.

Spring Theme Daily Schedule