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Cynthia Skyers-Gordon, Ed.D

Cynthia Skyers-Gordon Ed.D

Cynthia Skyers-Gordon is founder and owner of Kidz Exec Excellence LLC. Kidz Exec has been in existence since 2008. An effective professional site has been a work in progress. With Ms. Skyers taking on different opportunities during the last 19 years such as running a variety of different preschool programs, finishing her doctorate degree, and managing a family life her Early Childhood goal was put on hold. However, Ms. Skyers have taken one a vision for Kidz Exec Excellence and have pursued a refreshed facelift for the site.

The website focuses on guiding and educating preschool teachers towards producing an enhanced level of curriculum and implementation. Items offered include lesson plans, bulletin board, room arrangements, classroom daily schedules, and learning environment activities just to name a few. The site offers a variety of different samples a teacher can mimic and adapt to their classroom environment. One of the struggles the founder endured while starting out as a preschool teacher was gaining samples of ideas needed to support different lesson plan activities. Many sites offered activities, but they were just written instructions. Kidz Exec Excellence offer samples of handmade activities which support High scope and Creative Curriculum approaches. The greatest thing about this site is that all resource is FREE!

Kidz Exec have designed the site where teachers can have access to samples or request a personalized item to be made. Planning for a weekly lesson can be tedious however, having a site that help minimize the workload will be an asset to a preschool teacher. In areas such as the Lesson plan teachers are offered an opportunity to practice writing an effective lesson plan through an inclusion of a blank downloadable. This form is also fillable along with all of the other sample lesson plans. These documents can be used as is or adapt to an individual’s expectation.

Kidz Exec Excellence also provide Consultations. Delivery includes information and assistance to early child care and education programs such as California State Preschool programs and Head Start federal agencies. Support organizations towards developing programs, regulations and public policies that will enhance or improve access to the quality of early care and education.

The services include traveling to organizations to help evaluate needs, provide resources, share developed tools or strategies, and provide guidance on future direction. In addition, individualize work with employers who may be interested in providing family-friendly policies or programs like on-site child care, and child care resource.”